How We Learned To Live Like A Bomb


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Do the funky Gibbon: A posthumous post-punk compilation by one of England’s finest Post-RG-Outfits, yet certainly not postmodern. Danceably angular. Multisexual Agenda. Featuring all of their 45s on Slampt, Troubleman Unlimited, Kill Rock Stars, etc., but remastered for your listening pleasure. An indispensable addition to their three regular albums which came out between 1997 and 2001.


released January 15, 2014



all rights reserved


OUR VOLTAGE Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Tresspass
Consumption is problematic
Language is a wall
That I wish to drill right through
As I find it
Full of desire to discuss regarding matters of exactness
Layers of feeling I want to name
But not own x 2
(The places where we walk)
On every street, in every town
I learned to trespass
All things want to be touched
All things want to be owned
Everything I ever bought was a trap
Everything I ever owned was a lie
Our currency is a moment
Our currency is our skin
Our currency is our scabby knees
Talk is trespass, and so we trespass
Track Name: 18+
If you’re scared of questions – why are you here?
What is that organ?
An organ in my body?
That keeps my blood pumping
Is it an answer?
Use it, use it, use it, use it, use it
Go where the river is
And if I’m feeling okay
If I’m feeling really fine
I’ll throw myself right in
18+ no duplicates
18+ no wasted space
18+ no time left
18+ got to, got to, got to
Finding courage
18+ of conviction
18+ learning from mistakes
My present position
Mouth, head and heart
And a bad reputation for asking questions
Use it
(mouth and headache)
Track Name: Teenagers Are Boring
If there’s anything left
Inside your shell
Maybe you could come out
And really discuss
If there’s anything left
Inside your shell…
And I see you and I believe
Teenagers are dull
Which I know is a lie
Teenagers are boring when they’re shit cool
And you look so ill
And you look so dull
And you look so cool
And you look so bored
Track Name: Make A Mess
Make a mess, from the night
Making something
Make it out
The Catch in our voice
We pick up sticks
It could all fall
When push comes to shove
To get our time out of it!
To get romance out of it!
To get all blood out of it!
Making out with everything
Making out with everyday
Making out with everything!
Making out with everyday!
She put the words right into me
Inserted them right into me
Slight word
in my ear
Became idea
Became an urge
I missed a spelling mistake
We could break it all down x 2
Track Name: Subculture
Walking streets late at night
And the tribes are walking
Subcultures well defined
And the tribes are separate
“Join our club! Join our gang!”
Say the cool conformists
Uniforms bought and sold
Buy identity but…
My eyes don’t contact
My feet can’t contact
My words won’t contact
Counter culture in my heart
T-Shirts don’t shout loud enough
Buying identity is just not enough
Show the authority that you’ve got
This is Counter, it is not sub-
Counter-culture, not sub-culture!
There’s no business like show business
Track Name: Missy
She thinks we’re close
But we could be closer
She thinks we’re close
There’s something between us
She thinks we’re close
But we could be closer
Wanting to held is not the same as
Being able to be held
Or holding.
Every girl I ever hated
Just a monster I created
Missy – do you feel?
Missy – how do you feel?
Did you shop good today?
Did you eat good today?
Did you get that thing that glitters?
Did you tone your body tighter?
Come and get beyond – look each other in the eye
Every girl I ever hated, was me, was me
Track Name: Exact Geographical Centre Of Me
So much gravity
That it pulls me
365 miles away
One week away from
The Exact geographical centre of me
Is the exact place, where I’m pulled to.
Another city
As far away from me as I can get to
No gravity will contain to keep my restlessness in
Do arrows land always?
Do I always find the place on the map I’m headed to
Do arrows land always x 3
Track Name: Chewing Gum
Chewing gum
Like there’s too much red
And there’s too much red
In my mouth
And then you phone
And then you come
And prove me wrong
I’m not on my own
How much damage can I do
In one hour
When I’m alone?
This phone is tapped
Come over and see me
This place is not safe
And we’ve got plans to make
Track Name: Space Travel vs. Home
There’s all these hours
That have amassed
Like a wall
Where we were deciding
What we were against
And where are we now?
Nine hundred and ninety-nine negative hours away
And each one is a see-through block
See through to
Reaching out – like telekinesis
I know it’s illogical
But I’ve got reasons
I learned comic-book powers – and studied real life
And I will not choose between
Space travel and staying in
This means we’ve all got reasons
I told myself – I’d better be quiet
But I held my breath for just nine seconds
Track Name: Hitting City
I slow down when I hit tarmac
I’ll slow down further
When I hit the city.
And the city comes up fast
The city comes up too fast
And the city is full and spewing
To full, too fast, too vast,
Here is full of grime and shit
And this contract between time and money,
Ugly money, used as a tool
As the only meaning.
The way the tool is used,
To block, to blow,
Civilisation, so uncivilized
Pushing and blurring to grey
Quality of life immeasurable
Caught in moments, not numbers
In the city we are bereft
Of feeling or thought, fragmented,
Truncated, isolated, broken,
Self-absorbed, ah ah only me
The whole word united in one action: Transaction
Track Name: Not Only
Not just: Daughter. Lover. Sister. Punk-Rocker.
Not just: Tofu. Writer. Waitress or Honey
Not just your labeled thing
Not only a safe place to be
Never could be designated
Will not be a destination
(not only)
Not just: Pretty. Young. Ugly or Old
Not just: Emotional. Cerebral. To buy or sell
Not just your labeled thing
Not only a safe place to be
Never could be too straight-forward
I always will be complicated
Pretty boys know they are pretty – do they know what else they are?
I won’t feel sick because I’m complex
The question is: can others grasp this?
I cannot be what you require
Necessarily I’m not what you assume
Anything I do not get or know
Is not unreasonable or unknown
Myself in action equals
The right to choose stated clearly
The right to choose and the power to use it
Stated clearly and with no shame
(exercise my heart, exercise my mind, puts me to the test, puts life to the test)
Track Name: 50 Hour Week
Production. Consumption.
Rail tracks built from hard labour
A cheap trip to the seaside’s what they gave yer
In return for a life of luxury
You get to talk about the telly with your neighbour
The industrial revolution
Was born from transportation
And the engine of internal combustion
Only drives us in one direction.
With blood and sweat they built the railroad
But they didn’t stop there, they kept going:
They built houses and built jails too,
Built hospitals and built schools
And all the holiday makers
Could now travel from toil to leisure
In exchange for my labour, the TV is my saviour
In exchange for my labour, holidays are my saviour.
The so-called “revolution”
Of computer communication
Is just the newest chapter
In the history of exploitation:
A cheap magic trick to confuse you
Into thinking that you are free too,
But when you trade off your time for
Consumer goods, you’ve been bought
How do I escape the working week?
(How do I escape from this?)
Track Name: R.E.D.
I don’t want to
Don’t want to have to
Do not want to
Don’t wish to force
Don’t wish to talk
Don’t want to speak
Do not want to feel
that I cannot give.
R.E.D. – red
F.R.I.E.N.D. – friend
I should have said I want you, Red
I could have said I’d like a friend.
What do you want to?
What can you deal
With something
Something that is real?
I don’t want my rights curtailed.
Track Name: Alt Ed
(In fact you taught yourself everything, it’s the way you began)
Let’s take a walk to the border
If there’s a guard, we’ll ignore him
Fold up the maps, throw them away.
Now let’s take a look at the prisons
Are they the government’s business?
Close down the gaols, throw them away.
Let’s take a look at the schools now
They suit the person who rules, yes
But do they satisfy you friend,
And did they teach you to think free?
You learned to bow your head
You didn’t learn to bake bread
They said accept the facts
They told you don’t talk back!
Without them you can’t learn anything
That’s what they want you to feel and think
In fact you taught yourself everything
Look at the way you began:
Did someone teach you to crawl?
Did someone teach you to walk?
Did someone teach you to talk?
Did someone teach you to think?
Close down the schools x 3
Throw them away.
Exercise your mind and your body will follow
Exercise your body and your mind will follow
(Exercise is good for you - come on, hold to, hold to…)
Track Name: Essential Nutrients
Wearing whatever
Whatever’s appropriate
For whatever
Waterproof mascara
And a plastic mac
High heels help me measure up
I’ll be nearly as tall as you
I know the taste of salt
From my blood or tears
I know the feel of lonely
Like new pyjamas
From the one night only
I’m not feeling myself but…
Whatever I brought
I what I wear
It’s what I am
For today
We are the ladies
As butch as can be
Tougher girls than boys ever will be
Harder nuts to crack
And lacking nutrition
How will we grow up and out of this?
I get so angry at you
It’s all just for me
Fireworks for me
Fire works for me.
I play blame so hard
That you won’t see
See into me.
Seduction of lipstick
Draws your eyes so you won’t see into mine
Pretty blue around the lid
And you’re not seeing my irises change colour and dilate
We are The Ladies
We play it hard
Track Name: Weight Of Should
Just wait a second
Just wait a minute
Just wait an hour
Just wait a lifetime
I don’t have to – anything
I don’t have to – justify
No. No. No.
The weight of ought is a dead weight
It tied me down to the bottom of me
The weight of should wastes precious time
It is bondage I now untie.
Real fake life up against my real life
Pushing in tongues to private places
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – myself
R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - myself
Track Name: Raw Prawn
Don’t excuse
Raw prawn stance
Do not excuse
My lemon lips
Truth teeth
Fucking speak
We do the raw prawn
To get at you.
Don’t confuse
The give with take
Don’t confuse
My heart with your head.
What we follow
Our own star
We love Raw Prawn
Because we want to.
Do you understand it baby?
Over everything
No confusion
Is no excuses.
A new room
Is what we need
A new way of moving
Is what we are.
A few more
Nerves are sore
Yet another
And one more
Untruthful answer
Do the Raw Prawn
Do it RAW.
Vivre la liberation
Vivre la difference.
A non discourse
(is) a new limit
Leaves me raw
It cuts me sore
It leaves me sore
It leaves me RAW
Track Name: Ain't Nothing But An Incendiary Device
I bought a book
It taught me what
Buying meant
It was money ill spent
It was money badly spent x 4
The price of education
Destroys free information
Outside these institutions
We’ll find our own solutions
Free ideas are contagious
A stolen book is dangerous
Infect me with your ideas
I’ll infect you with my ideas
I think I’ve got an infection
I think it’s called education
Agitate. Educate. Organise.